The only standalone Fully Automatic Liker for Tinder. All you have to do is Log In and Turn It On!
Let your phone sit in your pocket downloading New Results and Liking them all by itself!

Cool, but how does it work?

Automatic Background Liker for Tinder
works together with your Tinder App!

Neat! And what can I use it for?

  • Made by the Creators of Tools for Tinder.
  • Simply Turn it On and Forget About it!
  • The App will Automatically Download Nearby Results every 5 minutes and “Like All” of them.
  • Reopen The App to see your Stats
  • Show off the TOO MANY MATCHES you have been getting against the World and Friends in Gamecenter!

Alright, that’s pretty awesome!

but what about your other Apps?

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